Wendell Berry at my Desk

Inspirational, encouraging quote from Wendell Berry for my desk.

Been a difficult few weeks. And that's an understatement. Then I saw Dustin Lee put out a new tutorial in conjunction with a new pack over at Retro Supply Co.: Wood & Ink Photoshop Texture Kit.
I grabbed the sample pack provided with the tutorial, watched what he put together, and thought I'd follow along and make my own, but make a little art for my work area that could give me a little encouragement, a little challenge, while at the same time spurring on the creative inspiration.
I was impressed with the results from just the few options available in the sample pack. Dustin did an excellent job creating a teaser pack; hooks you in and makes you want more. 
I have a letterpress, and when I can get the inking right, the final product is very similar to what I was able to generate with these Photoshop tools and techniques.
I don't get anything from Dustin or Retro Supply for this. It's just a great set of tools. Again, impressive.
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