Inspired by the Lares Revolution against oppression and for independence.

Grito is a tribute not only to the 19th Century Lares Revolution (Grito de Lares)–where poor and oppressed Puerto Rican people attempted a major revolt against Spanish rule. It's also a way to respect the ongoing debate over Puerto Rican sovereignty and independence.
I have my own interpretation of this art, but I want to leave most of the explanation to the observer. I like art to speak to people personally.

But there is a purpose for the two. Any revolution, any uprising, whether violent or peaceful, happens in the context of multiple groups. Usually, one group wants the status quo, and another group wants change. These two pieces represent two sides, no one of which is ever unmoved or uneffected by revolution.
The inspiration for the colors, style, feel, come from the Lares revolutionary flag.
I created this digital artwork, not meaning to design posters. I have another purpose for these, but it seemed fitting to display them this way.
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